ACPEL Society

International Society of Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care (ACPEL)

2013 Conference Major Sponsors


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the International Society of Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care.

The idea for the creation of this international society was inspired by the exciting collaboration between like-minded people during the preparation for the Inaugural International Conference on Advance Care Planning held in Melbourne, Australia in April 2010.

That conference, which began as a aspirational wish in 2008, succeeded in bringing together a wonderful group all united by the desire to improve the care that we provide to the patients who entrust themselves to us.  Then this year, health professionals from around the world gathered in London for our second conference where the impetus to learn and collaborate across cultural and national borders was again reinforced.

By assisting our patients to undertake advance care planning we honour their autonomy and give them the opportunity to reflect upon, and tell us, how they wish to be cared for if they lose their ability to consider or communicate their views. To be able, as a consequence, to deliver better care at the end of life is enough motivation in itself.

Our Society objectives include:

  • Promoting universal access to quality advance care planning
  • Promoting excellence in care for people near the end of life
  • Promoting the provision of physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual care in the context of advance care planning and end of life care

The Society, established only two years ago, already has nearly one thousand members. It is an honour to be its founding president and I hereby welcome you to join the society.


Assoc Prof W (Bill) Silvester

Director, Respecting Patient Choices Program;

Intensive Care Specialist

Melbourne, Australia